WTF, World?!

What has it come to that people are considering bulletproof backpacks for their kids? Why is the idea of starting our own version of “The Village” even coming to mind? Why am I even researching the possibility of homeschooling just for safety reasons? Why have I implemented a new household rule – the next time this shit happens (because there will unfortunately be a next time), the hatchlings stay home for at least a day or two afterwords? Thanks, non-credible threat at Hatchling #1’s school for making me do this.

Oh, wait. We can’t get our shit together about guns or mental health in this country (let’s not kid ourselves – it’s about both subjects). We can’t take a hint from Australia or Japan (or any others). Thanks for making an already difficult job even more so. If you’re offended by that or don’t get that my thanks is sarcasm, that thanks is probably for you.

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