To boldly go…


Am I thankful to have a job? Yes. Do I enjoy it? Not at all. 

I’m in a call center doing sales (incoming calls only, no telemarketing for this woman). I’m quite used to the customer service part of it – did that for 15 1/2 years. I’ve gotten better at the sales part (not entirely sure I’m comfortable with that), but I’m growing increasingly irritated with the whole thing.  

Heaven forbid they find a less-irritating & quieter way to motivate us. Yes, I’m aware it’s a call center environment, but when management is making so much noise in the process that a customer asks to be put on speakerphone so they can tell the noisy ones to shut the hell up, it’s bad. The noise we naturally make during the calls can be bad enough. 

For f*** sake, stop adding requirements that amount to us getting marked down for not being obnoxious enough to force/cajole customers into tiny parts of setting up with us that they aren’t comfortable with. Not everyone likes having money automatically deducted from their accounts. At least we got the bloody sale!   

And you probably wonder why some people say it’s so easy to have your commission taken away.  

Frustatration – The Search for Sp…new work


6 thoughts on “To boldly go…

    1. Oddly enough, a certain phone company bought a certain tv provider. They contract with a particular call center company to handle tv (and possible bundles with Internet and/or home phone).

      Names have left out to cover my butt.

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  1. I have got to say I totally agree with you. It is the main reason I set up my own call centre to break away from the customer is just a number mentality. They only care about the customers or client when they are behind on target. I found the lack of care disgusting. I hope you get the worth you deserve in the future.

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  2. I’m much happier now. I quit the call Center from hell and eventually found a temp job at a company I’ve bee wanting to go to for years (but had no reason to until the layoff). I was here for a few weeks as a temp (in their call Center), applied to go direct in a different department (no call center work) and I’ve been a direct employee for almost 2 months now. I also my unarmed security guard license in the meanwhile, so I have that to fall back on.


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