Experiment # 5

Experiment # 5
Write an excuse note to the teacher for why your fourth-grader’s Roman Colosseum model was not completed in time.

Hi Ms. Jones,

We’re sorry that little Julie’s model wasn’t finished in time to be turned in on Friday – we have had a stomach bug of some sort making its way through the house. The doctor could never quite figure out what was going on. We were just able to get it finished last night (Sunday) to turn it in today. Thank You so much.

Jane Doe-Smith

Write a note to a mother for why her fourth-grad child’s Roman Colosseum model will not be put on display.

Dear Mrs. Doe-Smith,

Little Julie’s model will not be put on display. She will not be getting a passing grade.

First of all, remember I’m your neighbor. When I’m in my backyard, I can hear everything you say when you are in yours. Including when you were talking to your friend about the model you bought for LJ to turn in since you thought the assignment was stupid.

Second of all, the Roman Colosseum was not hot pink.

Next time (please don’t do this again, but just in case…) you do this, you may want to make sure you buy the correct color. Also, you should really remove the price tag.


Ms. Jones


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