Lights, Camera, Action! 


Thanks, Mom!

I’ve been thinking of opening a store on cafepress or zazzle, so I needed a camera other than the one on my phone or iPad. I had made deal with the female parental unit (who’s been wanting a point & shoot camera to replace her old one) to go half & half on a new one that we could share/she could take with her on her next trip to Cuba to visit family. She surprised me by paying for all of it as an advance Mother’s Day present!  

I’m still getting used to My Precious, but so far there is no desire to toss it into Mordor. It’s a Canon PowerShot Elph 160. Actually, I’m loving the ridiculously tiny and light little thing. It’s not the DSLR I had originally thought of getting, but until I decide I really want to make a go of photography, MP will do just fine.

Now, I just need to arrange the time to go and take enough pictures to satisfy a dragon’s appetite and get my shops up and running…

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.


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