Freedom so far…


Begun, my freedom has.

So, other than doing something stereotypically girly (and almost completely not me) and going purse shopping yesterday (need a purse that is suitable to take on interviews – I’m hard on my purses, so none of them are in the best of condition to make a decent impression), I’ve decided to give working retail a try again. I may apply at the store I got the purse – I love their products). I am, rather surprisingly, actually considering going back to jewellery. I said I would never go back, but a job at a store inside a mall (far from the exits) as opposed to a free-standing jewellery store would be fine, security-wise. As you may be able to tell, I’m a bit paranoid about that.

(I had worked at the fine jewellery department in a department store at our local mall at the time). We were in the ground floor with just one department between us and the store entrance to the mall. We hear this boom/echo. I had no idea what it was. Come to find out, after people start running into our store, that there had been an armed robbery at the jewellery store a few stores away from the second floor entrance to our store. We could almost see the store from the ground floor. Not to mention, it was close to a mall exit and in a great position for getting away). I worked in a jewellery store again a few years later during the holiday season – different mall and further from any mall exits. That was much safer, better security, and not to mention way too crowded for someone to pull something like that.

I’ll be starting on getting my website & other blogs going soon hopefully, so y’all will have something besides this little adventure to read about.
On the q.t. And very hush-hush….


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