5 more days ‘ till Hallo…Freedom!!!

I’ve gotten fairly comfortable with the idea of not having a job at this point. I want/need at least 2 weeks off after 15 years of just a day or two off (for the most part) here and there. A month would be even better, though. The Other Half is going for their unarmed security guard license in September and I’m pretty tempted to follow when the next round of classes starts. It would fit in nicely with my plans for my Bachelor’s Degree. Granted, I still have 3 classes to finish for my associates, but that should only take me 1 to 2 semesters going part-time. 
I’m currently reading up on blogging and writing as work, so hopefully this will get better for y’all 🙂 What do you think about movie and/or book reviews, comparisons between books and their film versions, etc?  

Please let me know 🙂

Silver Shamrock!!


2 thoughts on “5 more days ‘ till Hallo…Freedom!!!

  1. Yes, we do want freedom from work from time to time 🙂 I love books and movies and I also want to do a review about them so I think but I also want to read reviews since I can’t read and watch all of them them. 🙂 Comparing the book and movie version is really a good idea. Keep writing!

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