Cat’s out of the bag now


Finally told the parental unit that we share a house with about my impending freedom. Said parental unit took it much better than expected. Good gravy, these last 2 weeks are going to drag out like crazy, aren’t they?

I’ll definitely miss my coworkers, but the corporate crap? Not at all. Hell, between that and a family friend who’s decided he is sick enough of corpo-crap that he is going for his master’s and eventually his PhD to teach college and stay in academia – I’m tempted to do the same. If I can stand that much schooling myself. At least college-level teaching I think I could deal with. Any younger and I wouldn’t last long. Thank Anakin for online college – I’m much better suited for that at this stage in life than on-campus.

Tonight’s entry is just a short one. I’m a bit of a movie fan, so movie quotes will pop up. Some obscure, some not so much.

End Of Line


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