Hello world!

The Layoff Chronicles

***Names have been changed (or completely ignored) to protect the ridiculous***

So, back in May, they announced that my department would be getting laid off by early September. Oddly enough, I was upset to find out. I say ‘oddly enough’ because despite needing the steadiness a job provides, I have wanted to leave several times over the many years I’ve been there. On my terms, however.

This is all due to one division of my soon-to-be-ex place of work wanting to (somewhat understandably) consolidate into one location. (The department I am in does work, up until now, for both divisions even though we technically belong to one). In other words, because they want to go off and live in their own little world, many people are getting their lives pushed into a state of upheaval (not just my department/location). If we wanted to stay doing the same work with the new org, we had to reapply. An opportunity to transfer would have been nice to us and beneficial to the company – less new people to train and less issues for the customers to deal with. Instead, let’s get a minimal amount of new people and have them do multiple jobs with minimal training (compared to us old timers). Let’s give the old-timers and some (relatively) newish people located at division headquarters (for the division I work for, located in a third state) what’s left and completely eliminate the department I belong to. Yeah about that…

Cue the announcement today that there will be an extension offered as the new group is not quite ready. No surprise. The extension won’t even be for everyone. Joy. Of course, I don’t have much of a choice but to volunteer to stay on when they asked for volunteers. Most of the department volunteered when we were asked. We find out tomorrow who stays and who leaves in a couple of weeks.

Now, the fact that our jobs are being moved to Home isn’t exactly a surprise. The writing for that chapter has been on the wall for some time. I just don’t think any of us expected it this soon. Severance, bonus for staying until the end, vacation payout – the usual for a situation like this, is nice. However, give the newbies more time & don’t do something in a way that will piss off the employees you’ve kept. Also, don’t announce to your soon-to-be ex-employees that there are a few positions opening in the department next door to them, let them (and others) apply, then implement a hiring freeze. Not cool. No pun intended.

I’ll see where this leads me. At least it has pushed me into getting back to school. That is a story for another time. For now, welcome to my layoff chronicles. I promise – I’ll do my best to not put you, dear readers, to sleep.


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